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Michigan Cherries 5# bag - No Juice-Frozen

Michigan Cherries 5# bag - No Juice-Frozen

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Tart Red, Michigan Cherries 5# bag - No Juice - Order by July 2nd an delivery to Rhoads will be between July 22-26th. We will notify you when available for pickup.

5# Cherries are IQF = Individually Quick Frozen

They are pitted and flash frozen into basically little cherry marbles. There is no juice. The benefit to these is that 10# cherries = 10# of cherries.  About 2 cups of these are needed for a pie. 

Great for pies, jams, and pie fillings. They are great for smoothies, baking, and any other recipe that you would use fresh tart cherries. For pies, there may be a small amount of liquid that is needed since they don't have all that juice. 

Add on a Cherry Crunch Mix for a quick dessert. Enjoy!