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Pear Tree Ayers 5 gal

Pear Tree Ayers 5 gal

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About the Ayers Pear Tree

Sweet as sugar, literally. Ayers is an old Southern heirloom often referred to as the “sugar pear”, originating from a chance seedling in Kansas in 1880. These pears have high sugar content, making them a delicious mid-summer treat.

Characteristics of Ayers Pears

The fruits are stunning on the tree — a pleasing rounded shape, with a deep buttery yellow skin, blushed with red. We love this pear for its smooth, melting flesh and incomparable flavor of pear nectar. Among the outstanding dessert pears available today. Ayers can be eaten fresh or cooked, with the same “Mmm” result.

How to grow an Ayers Pear Tree

Easy to grow, it is resistant to fire blight. It’s self-pollinating but bears a significantly larger crop with another European pear variety nearby. Ayers Pears ripen in late July – early August.